Quick Start

To get started with GrazeDocs, you have to do three things: 1) Install the tool, 2) Initialize the documentation folder and 3) Create and publish the documentation.

GrazeDocs is a static site generator for creating a documentation site for your project. GrazeDocs converts Markdown-based content into full HTML site.


GrazeDocs is available as a global tool for .NET Core. To install:

dotnet tool install -g GrazeDocs

GrazeDocs Installation


To start creating your documentation, use GrazeDocs -i . to initialize documentation into the current folder:

GrazeDocs -i .

GrazeDocs Init

With GrazeDocs -i, you can initialize the folder with readme.md which can work as the starting point for your project's documentation.


After your happy with the documentation, use GrazeDocs -p to publish your complete site:

GrazeDocs -p

GrazeDocs Publish